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Why You May Need A Fuel System Cleaning Service

Fuel System Cleaning

Why You May Need A Fuel System Cleaning Service

The fuel system is one of the most complex and integral parts of any modern vehicle, but like any other component, it sometimes needs a good cleaning. Because performing a fuel system cleaning service isn’t something novice drivers can accomplish, many drivers ignore the signs that it’s time for maintenance until it’s too late. Even though many modern systems are built to last far longer than outdated carburetors, it’s still best to stick to a routine for fuel filter replacements and fuel system cleaning services. Here are a few reasons why we need periodic fuel system cleaning services, and when it’s time to schedule the appointment.Fuel Filter Replacement

Fuel Injector

The fuel injector is a modern marvel that essentially releases a specific amount of fuel to your engine dependant upon how hard you press down on the gas pedal. The fuel injector system itself provides accurate fuel monitoring, and because it’s so heavily utilized, it requires routine maintenance over time. If left uncleaned, the fuel injector system can form deposits of leftover sludge, which can in turn block intake valves and cylinder heads. It sounds bad enough, but the terrible consequences of this fuel build up can cause poor acceleration, lower power, and eventually engine problems down the road. During a thorough cleaning of the fuel injector, your technician at Jiffy Lube checks the fuel filter as well to see if it needs replacing, which brings us to the other main fuel system component; the filter.

Fuel Filter

The fuel filter plays a vital role in making sure the fuel that reaches your injector is clean of debris or other contaminants. As you can imagine, the more fuel it has to filter, the more blocked up and inefficient it can become. Meaning, the longer your vehicle has traveled, the higher the chance of a blockage forming. A fuel filter replacement is a simple but important process of replacing the old, clogged filter with a brand new one. During an inspection from Jiffy Jiffy Lube Fuel FilterLube of your fuel filter, your technician will advise you about whether or not it’s time for a fuel filter replacement or a routine cleaning. The replacement, of course, must be in accordance with your car manufacturer’s recommendations, which are obtainable by professional technicians if necessary.

For the safest environment possible to house your precious internal components, the fuel system must be cleaned on a routine basis. The process is short and sweet, whether it be an injector cleaning or a Jiffy Lube fuel filter swap. While it’s great to follow your car manual’s recommendations for a system clean, be sure to pay attention for the signs listed above in order to maximize your fuel economy. By keeping your fuel system clean year round, you can actively extend the lifespan of your vehicle’s engine while improving its performance. Hopefully, this article provides you with a greater understanding of the importance of your fuel system and why you may be overdue for a cleaning service.


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