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What Does It Mean When Your Car Smells Like Gas?

What Does It Mean When Your Car Smells Like Gas?

What Does It Mean When Your Car Smells Like Gas?

A gas leak in your car can be pretty easy to spot. If you notice your car smelling of gas, then the chances are you have a gas leak, and your vehicle needs checking out. Some of the issues that can cause a gas leak are more serious than others. Your car may require replacing, or it may be a simple error that’s easily fixed. 

Before you rush off to a mechanic, let’s take a look at a couple of the reasons why your car may be smelling like gas. 

Gas CapCar Gas Cap

Sometimes it’s just a simple case of leaving your gas cap unattached that could be causing the smell of gas to filter into your car. It’s easy to pull up to a gas station, fill up your tank and leave the cap on the roof of your car or wherever else you might place it. 

So, if you smell gas always make sure that your Gas Cap is attached. If you smell gas and the cap is attached, it’s still worth giving it a check. The cap may have been damaged or come loose, and this could be causing the smell. 

When you’re at a gas station, you may well leave your windows open in your car. If your gas cap is in good condition, but you still smell gas then be sure to keep your windows open as you drive and the smell should go. 

If a faulty or loose gas cap is causing the smell, the good news is that gas caps are easy and cheap to replace so it shouldn’t cost you much to get the fault repaired.

Gas Leaks and Punctured Fuel Tanks

One sure way to know that you’ve got a gas leak is if you see black puddles underneath your car. If you do, then it means you’ve got a gas leak, and it needs to be fixed. This could be what will be causing the smell of gas in your car. 

If you find a black puddle then the next step is to find where the leak is coming from and there are several different places where the leak may be coming from. A commonplace is the fuel tank itself, it may be punctured or it may just be an old tank. 

If you’ve had your car for a long period of time and haven’t maintained it properly then there’s a good chance that your tank may be more susceptible to developing a leak. 

The Final Word

If you smell gas in your car and you’re unsure where it’s coming from then, it’s best practice to go and get it your car checked over. It’s better to be safe and get your car checked over to see if there is a leak. 

If you’re unsure of what to do then drop into your local Jiffy Lube for a car inspection to see if there is a problem. Our experts can quickly determine if there’s a problem and get you on your way to being back on the road!


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