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What Causes Oil Leaks?

Oil Change

What Causes Oil Leaks?

From your warning lights to fluid on the ground, it’s not very hard to notice an oil leak unless it’s occurring at an extremely slow pace. But when it comes to why these leaks happen, many drivers are left clueless as to how to identify the causes of this serious issue. With a bit of knowledge and routine car maintenance, you can extend the longevity of your oil storage components while reducing the risk of leaks. It’s always good to have your technicians check for leaks during an oil change, but in the meantime, let’s go over the basics of why these pesky leaks can occur in the first place.Jiffy Lube Orlando

Component Degradation

Just like numerous other areas of any vehicle, deterioration happens over time, especially in harsh climates with abrasive weather patterns. The oil gasket connecting metal components in the engine can whither away as the quality of your motor oil decreases. As sludgy, outdated oil corrodes the gasket, a perforation of sorts can form. To avoid such a nasty replacement, I make sure to visit Jiffy Lube in Orlando for an oil change near me on a routine basis to replace my worn down oil. Another common area where a leak can form is the oil pan itself, which can get severely banged up from sharp road debris. If the seal of the oil pan becomes harmed or popped open due to rock damage, it won’t be long before your engine lacks the precious oil it needs to run. Located at the base of the oil pan lies the drain plug, which, if unharmed by road debris, is still susceptible to wear over time. If you notice oil forming around the pan or drain plug area, it’s most likely an indication of a leak, in which case you should visit a Jiffy Lube location in Orlando, or wherever you may be traveling from.

Rare Causes

While the reasons listed above would be the more frequent causes of oil leaks, there are a few lesser-known triggers which may unleash a spill. Improper installations of gaskets can lead to a tonOil Change Near Me of headache, especially when done by an amateur mechanic. Typically, if the valve cover or oil pan gasket is over-tightened, the potential rises for oil to escape. These types of leaks can be hard to notice and can occur during an oil filter replacement if completed improperly as well. Lastly, if the oil filler cap to your vehicle breaks, don’t wait around for this problem to fix itself because oil can certainly spill out of the reservoir and can potentially drip into a hazard. If I suspect a leak is occurring from any of these rare cases, or if my filler cap breaks even a little bit, I inquire a professional during my next oil change near me.

When visiting the professionals at Jiffy Lube in Orlando or throughout the country, it’s never a bad idea to ask questions about a potential oil leak or to see which oil change intervals they recommend. By staying up on timely oil changes near me, the components within the oil supply system don’t degrade nearly as fast. Cutting down the level to which these components deteriorate over time can heavily limit the number of leaks your system sees in a lifetime. Replacements of each area can be costly, but with a bit of attention and oil changes every six months or so, oil leaks can be avoided quite easily.


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