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Signs That Your Car’s AC Needs Repair

Jiffy Lube AC Service

Whether you’re in warmer or colder climates, the air conditioner is among the most important components for your vehicle. For the cold, your unit can help you stay cozy and your window clear of debris. In the heat, your AC is the only thing between you and the sticky humidity outside. While we all rely on our AC to a certain extent, it may be difficult to spot the signs that it’s failing before it’s too late. Luckily there are a few symptoms that alert drivers to let them know it’s time for a Jiffy Lube AC service check.

Car AC Repair

AC Compressor

Out of the few components making up the AC system, the AC compressor is the most integral to the operation of the unit. Without a properly functioning AC compressor, the other areas of your

AC will begin failing over time. Before heading into the nearest Jiffy Lube for your car AC repair, here are the main signs to look for that let you know the AC compressor needs inspection:

Loud noises will eventually be heard if any of the interior components wear down or break within the compressor. If the internal bearings get stuck or fail, loud noises can be heard when the AC is switched on. Bearings that are leaking may produce high pitched squealing noise, while bearings that are seizing may produce a grinding noise. Instead of attempting a repair on your own, take your vehicle into the shop for a Jiffy Lube AC service check.

The compressor clutch is what connects your compressor to the engine’s power, allowing the driver to activate the AC as needed. This clutch mechanism ensures the compressor is only turning as needed. However, if the clutch itself seizes up or breaks, the compressor can be unable to receive power, or in a worse case, unable to turn off the power. The clutch itself can be replaced, but before you replace it make sure your vehicle doesn’t need additional car AC repair.

If you notice your air conditioning unit isn’t generating the brisk air it once did, this is among the most apparent signs that your compressor is beginning to fail. Warmer cabin temperatures may indicate an oil leak, which certainly will require car AC repair. Fluctuating cabin temperatures let you know that the compressor isn’t regulating the refrigerant flow in the AC system. If this is the case, consult professionals at your nearest Jiffy Lube to determine the course of action.

Inspection & ReplacementNearest Jiffy Lube

When you notice any of the signs listed above, it’s important to act quickly so that other components of your vehicle remain unaffected. Because most of these symptoms indicate the need for AC replacement, the Jiffy Lube AC service begins with a thorough inspection of the AC unit to figure out the issue before servicing. The serpentine and compressor drive belt are inspected for cracks or other forms of damage. Then, the air conditioning compressor is checked, as well as the quality of the refrigerant. If all components are intact, servicing can begin. If leaks or other damage is detected, the technicians at the nearest Jiffy Lube can recommend the next steps for replacement.


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