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Signs That Your Car Needs A Suspension Service

Signs That Your Car Needs A Suspension Service

Without suspension, each ride we take would be incredibly unsettling, and for some terrains, we wouldn’t stand a chance against traveling them. Arguably the capabilities of your suspension system are as important as theSuspension Service amount of horsepower itself, because if we can hit over 60 mph without any amount of control…well, we’re in deep trouble. Suspension helps reduce rattle from the wheels to the frame by increasing the amount of friction between tires and the ground. By absorbing the energy of vertical wheel acceleration, the suspension system rebalances the feel of the vehicle, allowing for easier handling across bumpier roads. But like many vehicle maintenance services, receiving suspension repair before the symptoms become unbearable can be difficult for the novice driver to accomplish. Here are a few indications that your car most likely needs suspension service.


One of the most common car issues that can indicate a few different problems would be if your vehicle is pulling or drifting to one side. While this may be an issue with wheel alignment, it can hint at a more serious issue with the shocks of your suspension system beginning to fail. Noticeable mainly when turning the vehicle, the shocks are required to keep the car parallel to the road. Without timely suspension services to the shocks, tumbling the vehicle can become more of a risk.

Bounce Back

If you suspect something isn’t quite right with your suspension, next time you pull over, slightly press down on the hood of the vehicle to check how responsive the suspension is. If your vehicle cannot be pressed down very far and bounces back quickly, that means your suspension is in good shape. If the car bounces many times with a simple touch, that’s usually what lets me know it’s time to visit a Jiffy Lube near me.

Bottoming Out & Nose DipsJiffy Lube Near Me

Two instant signs that alert you of serious suspension troubles would be the vehicle bottoming out or experiencing a nose dip. Bottoming out refers to the bottom of your vehicle literally touching the road after the suspension has failed too greatly. It’s a scary feeling to hear and feel the scrapes of your vehicle against the hard concrete, because you know deep down it’s only going to potentially cause major undercarriage issues. Typically, bottoming out is caused due to a compressed spring, which requires immediate suspension repair. Similarly, a nose dip becomes visible when driving over a speed bump or even when coming to a full stop. The front of the vehicle dipping an abnormal amount raises the same risks as bottoming out, therefore when I notice these two serious indications of suspension failure, I head to a Jiffy Lube near me to clarify the issue.

By checking up on the internal components of the suspension system in a routine manner across the years, you cut down the number of suspension services you’ll need in the long run. When I start seeing or feeling any of the signals mentioned above, I don’t hesitate to stop by a Jiffy Lube near me for an inspection. While some drivers can withstand a failing suspension for a considerable amount of time, it undoubtedly makes the driving experience less enjoyable and increases the risk of damage occurring. Suspension repair from licensed technicians can help improve road isolation, holding, and cornering to help maximize control over your piece of machinery.


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