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Reasons Why Your Car Won’t Start

Car Battery Replacement

Reasons Why Your Car Won’t StartJiffy Lube Services

One of the most frustrating situations of all time is a car that simply will not start. In a moment of recreation, a faulty vehicle can be a bump in the road that you begin brainstorming solutions for with calmness. But in a time of need, a car that won’t start can be a roadblock of significant proportions. There are many different factors which potentially contribute to a car that won’t start, but like always, the more routine maintenance you perform, the higher chance you can avoid malfunctions. Some of these issues require Jiffy Lube services while others can be fixed with the help of a friend. Let’s list off a few reasons why your car may not be starting.

Broken Starter

This electrical motor which is connected to the battery is responsible for setting the components of the engine in motion when you activate the switch to the ignition. Without the starter, your vehicle’s engine can’t crank properly after being triggered by the ignition key. A common noise to hear during a malfunction is a clicking sound, which almost definitely indicated a broken or weakened starter.Nearest Jiffy Lube

Blocked Fuel Filter

If the fuel filter is clogged in any way, then gasoline cannot be distributed to the engine. Like many different areas where fuel passes through, the fuel filter can build up residue from outdated oil over time. Without proper fuel dispersion, the vehicle may not be able to start up on command. To avoid such an issue, I make sure to visit my nearest Jiffy Lube at my car manufacturer’s recommendation.

Faulty Ignition Switch

If the ignition switch itself is having problems, this may ruin your ability to start up your vehicle. If you determine through testing that your battery is running fine, then a faulty ignition switch may be the issue. Though it’ll obviously take some help to get to the shop, this is a relatively simple fix that can be completed with Jiffy Lube services.

Dead Battery

Saving the best and most common for last, we have the dead battery. The vital car battery starts up your vehicle and transfers energy to all of the electrical components within the vehicle. During operation, the alternator charges the battery, but if it cannot properly charge the battery, your car cannot start. With the help of a friend’s battery, you can jump start your vehicle to get running for the time being. If your jump is successful, that means your car battery is failing and you are in need of a car battery replacement. If the battery isn’t the exact failure, then the alternator may be the problem after all, which can be solved by Jiffy Lube services as well.

While modern car batteries are built to last many years, the circumstances of your environment may cause excessive harm to your battery. If the lifespan of your battery is cutting down quickly, this may accelerate the need for a car battery replacement from your nearest Jiffy Lube. Additional services to help maintain the quality of your car battery include terminal cleaning and cable replacement to help preserve the condition of the battery. With routine visits to your nearest Jiffy Lube location for scheduled maintenance, you can avoid having to resort to a car battery replacement in such short amounts of time. We hope this article has given a better understanding of the different reasons why your car may not be starting.


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