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Jiffy Lube’s Red Carpet Service: Their Signature Oil Change

Jiffy Lube Signature Oil Change

Jiffy Lube’s Red Carpet Service: Their Signature Oil Change

Ever since Jiffy Lube changed the face of car care when they opened their first Utah-based shop in 1971 the name has been synonymous with oil changes. Today, this essential car maintenance is still the heart of their services, with their Signature Oil Change being at the core of many people’s vehicle maintenance needs.

But an oil change is an oil change, right?Closest Jiffy Lube to me

Actually… Nothing could be further from the truth. In much the same way as your body needs a healthy dose of oxygen-filled blood charging through its vessels, an engine is entirely dependent on the lifeblood of its oil.

Various aspects, including engine age and annual mileage, determine the choice of oil. There are many different types and getting it right impacts not only how your car runs, but wear and tear on the engine as well.

Unless you’re a car geek, it’s wise to take expert advice on which of the following oils is best for your car’s needs:

  • Conventional car oil: The cheapest option, providing good protection for engines not subjected to high-pressure motoring, such as towing, temperature extremes, dust or dirt, or multiple short trips.
  • High mileage oil: If you drive more than 75K miles per year, or have a high mileage engine, it’s the perfect choice for best performance.
  • Synthetic blend oil: This blend of conventional and synthetic oil improves fuel economy, performance, and protection.
  • Synthetic oil: The ultimate choice, specifically designed for the highest levels of protection and performance.

So what’s this “Signature Oil Change” all about?

All Jiffy Lube locations offer this, and the service provides way more than the simple title suggests. In fact, it’s the perfect way to give your car a professional “once over” on an annual basis without the drama (and cost) of car dealer maintenance.

So let’s look at what you get when you pull in to your nearest Jiffy Lube and put your car in their expert capable hands…

  • The oil change: Not only do they change your oil (and use the most suitable for your engine) but they replace the oil filter too.
  • Check and fill: The most important fluids in the engine, to include—transmission/transaxle, power steering, differential/transfer case, battery water, and windshield fluid. Plus a tire pressure check and air fill if necessary.
  • Inspect key components: They’ll check and advise if any of the following need attention: antifreeze/coolant, brake fluid levels, engine air filtration systems, serpentine belts, wiper blades, and exterior lights. In addition, there’s a chassis check and re-lubrication for applicable vehicles.
  • Cleaning: Of exterior windows and an interior vacuum of the floors.

So much more than just an oil change serviceJiffy Lube Orlando

But the services of the professional Jiffy Lube technicians don’t stop at the oil change—they offer pretty much every kind of car maintenance you’ll ever need. These include brake services, air filtration, air conditioning, alignment, battery maintenance and repair, suspension, anything to do with tires… In short, if it’s necessary for the smooth running of your car, then Jiffy Lube can carry it out. 

And with a walk-in service for their Signature Oil Change and many other maintenance needs, you can wave goodbye to the tedious chore of having to fit in with a garage’s schedule rather than your own. A welcome change in an industry that often seems to go out of its way to be awkward, and one of the many reasons Jiffy Lube has become the go-to option for car owners all over the USA.


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