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How You Can Prevent A Flat Tire

Tire Repair Near Me

How You Can Prevent A Flat Tire

For many drivers, getting a flat tire seems like a momentary hiccup that could have never been avoided. You’re driving down the road when all of a sudden you feel that pop and drag, so you pull over to replace the tire believing theTire Service job is done. In reality, there are actually a few different vehicular ailments that can add up over time which cause a higher probability of a flat to occur. When I get a flat tire, I visit a shop for tire repair near me to see what additional elements may have contributed to the flat so that I know what to change in the future. Here are a few different factors which increase the chances of a flat, and some ways to prevent a flat tire from happening.

Tire Rotation

One of the easiest, yet most ignored maintenance actions that can be taken to prevent a flat tire would be getting your tires rotated periodically. If tires remain unrotated for long durations of time, the amount of wear across each wheel develops unevenly. With uneven wear across the tires, the suspension system can be adversely affected as well as the lifespan of each tire. The standard recommendation for receiving a rotation tire service is about every 7-10,000 miles, but be sure to check your vehicle manual for the exact amount. If you are unaware of your manufacturer’s recommendations, professionals handling your Jiffy Lube tire repair can assist you in finding the info.

Road Issues

A less avoidable menace which causes arguably the highest number of flat tires would be debris in the road. While you can’t always spot a foreign object on the road, especially during nighttime, you can certainly drive with caution. If there are signs regarding a road hazard or a higher amount of potholes, do your best to avoid or drive slowly over the broken pieces of rubble. For construction zones, if possible, try to avoid them altogether because they are infamous for shedding unwanted road debris. When traveling over hazardous roads, it’s important to make sure the components of your vehicle are strong enough to brace the damage. For longer road trips, I’d recommend going in for a Jiffy Lube tire repair to make sure your tires are inflated and rotated properly before takeoff.Jiffy Lube Tire Repair

Even Pressure

Once you know your vehicle’s tire pressure standards, it’s important to keep them at optimal levels to avoid potential tire problems. By gauging your tire pressure each month, you can find out exactly which tires are failing you more than others. I highly recommend keeping a routine of adjusting tire pressure, so I don’t have to get tire repair near me after noticing the warning light. Once the warning light activates, that means it’s long past due for a tire service to check which tire pressure is lacking.

Preventing a flat tire isn’t so difficult, but it can be hard to remember it’s time for maintenance as long as your vehicle is getting you from A to B. Jiffy Lube tire repair services include the key operations mentioned above; rotation, pressure control, and flat tire repair, plus additional advice on which tires to replace. Each time I receive a flat tire, I know that there’s more than likely another problem to keep an eye on, so I don’t hesitate to receive tire repair near me to remedy the brewing problems. Beyond all, when it comes to tire service, always check in with your manufacturer’s website to see if any tires have been recalled due to inefficiency. These easy notices to stay up to date with can prevent major headaches and faulty tires in the future.


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