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How Summer Heat Affects Your Vehicle

How Summer Heat Affects Your Vehicle

While most drivers are very much aware of the dangers cold weather can pose on the functionality of your vehicle, few are cognizant of how stressful heat can be as well. With the amount of heat already being generated by your engine, the last thing your internal components need is excessive humidity creating sluggish responses. In the summertime, when we tend to take long road trips, staying on top of Jiffy Lube services becomes a necessary part of increasing your vehicle’s longevity. Fortunately, there are a few easy ways to curb the harmful effects of high heat so that your car can run at its max year-round. Car Battery Replacement


The danger of skipping maintenance during hot months isn’t just that you’re putting yourself and other drivers around you at risk, but you will also have to wait for roadside assistance if a breakdown of some kind happens. When it comes to battery life, as you know, if your battery gives out, you’re not moving anywhere without a jump. Aside from staying on top of battery replacements throughout the years, you’ll want to visually observe your battery during months with harsh weather. If you notice corrosion, that’s an immediate sign that you must stop driving because you need a battery replacement. If you hear your battery vibrating around, it may need to be remounted, or the casing may be developing a warp due to weather. In any case, where your battery is acting strange, it’s time for an inspection to see which Jiffy Lube services are needed next. Tire Check


One of the most critical areas of your vehicle to keep an eye on during the summertime are the tires due to how they react in heat. Hot rubber plus scorching roadways provide a unique potential for a blowout, especially if your pressure is abnormal. We can talk at great length about the importance of timely tire checks, but the main point here is that unbalanced weight distribution across each tire accelerates the chance of failure. Before longer road trips, ensuring that your tire check finds no punctures or warps is a must. 

Oils & Fluids

Depending on where you live, you may want to select a motor oil with a viscosity grade fitting for your environment. But no matter what kind of oil you Oil Change Serviceuse for your oil change, its abilities will be tested during the months of summer. As many drivers clock double the road-hours during the summertime, it’s important to properly gauge how many miles you’re dragging your oil through. You may find that sludge formation is accelerated during the summer months, so it’s important to perform the appropriate Jiffy Lube services early. 

Warding off the harmful properties of summer heat isn’t impossible, it just takes some extra attention. A good tip would be to perform your tire checks at the same intervals which you change your motor oil. With quick inspections throughout the summer, you can stay ahead of needing a battery replacement at inconvenient times, so that your road trips can resume untethered.


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