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How Do You Know If Your Car Needs An Alignment

Jiffy Lube Wheel Alignment

How Do You Know If Your Car Needs An Alignment

If you’re regularly driving, then the chances are you may hit a curb or two at different times. Potholes can also be an unavoidable hazard on many roads, and if you do happen to hit a curb or a pothole, then your first instinct most likely will be to check your car for exterior damage. Although the exterior and body of your car may be fine, sometimes such an incident can cause your wheels to knock out of line. 

Proper wheel alignment is key to making sure your car is safe to use on the roads. It’s easy for wheel alignment to be missed, but it’s usually a relatively straight forward process to get fixed. Here are a few signs to look out for that could indicate your wheels have come out of line:

Uneven Tire Wear

It’s important to regularly check your front and back tires to see if the treads on both tires are about the same. If they are noticeably different, then it may be worth getting the alignment of your wheels checked to see if any misalignment is causing uneven tire wear.

Steering Wheel Off Center 

If you’re driving in a straight line down a flat road with a good surface, then your wheel should be sitting close to perfectly straight. While this may not be perfect, your wheel shouldn’t be veering off to one side and should be sitting centered and straight. If the wheel is off direction by more than a few degrees, then it’s time to have an alignment performed. An alignment will return your steering wheel to the center and improve the driveability of your car. 

Vibrating Steering Wheel

If you feel your steering wheel vibrate, then it may be time for an alignment. Sometimes a vibrating steering wheel can simply mean that a tire has become unbalanced. Other times though it can mean that an alignment is needed. The car may also feel loose when going round corners. If your vehicle feels at all unstable, then you should get it checked out.

Vehicle Pulls Sharply In One Direction 

It’s one thing for a car to veer slightly to one side, but it can be much more serious if you notice your vehicle pulling sharply in one direction. This may well mean that an alignment is needed. Any sudden change of direction can be dangerous, particularly if you’re moving at high speed, so it’s essential you get your car checked over right away. Jiffy Lube Customer Service

Ask The Experts

Jiffy Lube are on hand to offer wheel alignment services should you notice any of the above problems occurring in your car. A vehicle alignment service from Jiffy Lube will help your tires last longer and can also help improve the fuel efficiency in your vehicle. Pop into your local Jiffy Lube today to get the experts to give your car an inspection to see if an alignment service is needed.


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