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Burning Smell From Car & What It Means

Car Inspection Near Me

Burning Smell From Car & What It Means

While we all can most likely figure out for ourselves that a burning smell coming from our car isn’t a good thing, we may not know the exact location the odor is coming from. Many drivers catch a strong smell and immediately assume it’s a problem with their oil storage components when in reality there can be many causes behind the strange odor. Is the smell coming from inside of the vehicle? Can you distinguish the type of odor? Is there smoke? These are all important questions to ask, so let’s break down exactly what they mean for your ride.Auto Repair

Burning Plastic

For the category of burning plastic, most of the time, you can assume the culprit is a fan or another electronic area. Most commonly, the heater can create a burning smell if a large amount of dust accumulates in the vents over time. Another issue with the heater is that if it breaks, antifreeze can leak into the vents, increasing the unpleasant aroma of burning plastic. If the problem springs up and you discover a plastic bag, simply remove it to resume driving. But if the smell persists despite my efforts, I make sure to go in for a car inspection near me. The other cause of a burning plastic smell found in the vehicle would be an electrical shortage of some sort, as plastic coatings on wires can singe off.

Burning Rubber

If you smell an intense burning rubber odor, there can be a few roots of the cause that most likely require auto repair. For starters, the driving belt can be melted after being exposed to excessive heat. This usually happens if components such as the water pump, air pump, or AC compressor become locked. To avoid abnormal belt wear, it’s important to receive an inspection at Jiffy Lube Orlando or any other location near you. Another simpler origin of a burning rubber smell can come from a worn down clutch that is being mishandled. If you smell rubber while switching between gears, it may be an indicator to handle the clutch a bit differently before you wear it down to the point of needing auto repair.

Burning Oil

Oil leaks are a huge cause of unpleasant odors, and they can happen from a range of different events. While it’s normal for oil to cause a smell as it drips from your exhaust pipe, if a high amount drips into your exhaust system due to a leak, you’ve got yourself a problem. Likewise, an oil leak occurring in your oil filter or oil pan due to improper installation, debris buildup, or common wear can result in massive burning odors. We can go on all day about the severity of oil leaks and how they require immediate auto repair, because, after time, your gaskets will begin failing as well. When burning oil problems continue for a duration of Jiffy Lube Orlandotime, I go in for a car inspection near me to stay on the safer side of things.

Jiffy Lube Orlando can help identify the main source of any foul odors that may be coming from your vehicle and can supply services to help fix the issues in no time. Whether it be identifying the point of leakage or replacing outdated electrical components, Jiffy Lube Orlando has professional technicians available to remedy the situation. In most cases, a strange smell is detectable immediately, however, if the smell is relatively faint, it can be easy to get used to it. When I come across any of the foul odors mentioned above, as well as ones I don’t recognize, I go in for a car inspection near me so I don’t get used to the smell. There are, of course, many other smells that your vehicle may be emitting, but we hope this baseline guide can help you avoid any maintenance problems in the future.


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